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The Lee Strasberg University graduate took part in the musical “Embezzlers”

“Embezzlers” premiered in Musical Theatre on the 18th of November. “Teatral” magazine interviewed Artem Lyskov, the actor who played one of the main characters.

- Artem, the audience knows you as a film and TV actor. How did it happen that you found yourself doing musicals?

- My way to the musical theatre was hard, just like any other way to a big dream. I graduated from the Shchukin University in 2008 and my diploma clearly stated – theatre and film actor. But my aspiration for the musical theatre was so strong that I decided not to stop at that. First, I entered Broadway Summer School for musical actors that was organized in Moscow by the US Embassy. I was inspired by the classes and realized I wanted to do that professionally. I received a grant in 2010 and went to the Lee Strasberg University on Broadway to discover this new genre. That’s where I was lucky to take part in a real american show – Kurt Weill’s musical called “The Threepenny Opera”. When I came back to Russia I spent my first day back auditioning for the new musical “Embezzlers”. And very soon I was invited by Musical Theatre to play one of the main parts in that show. I couldn’t have asked for more!

- Tell us about your character in “Embezzlers”.

- Vanechka Klukvin – that is the name of my character – is a dream come true for any actor. He contains the mix of comedy, humor and real human drama. Vanechka is an ordinary cashier in a big state institution. In an instant his life turns into a sequence of bright colorful events. In three day’s time my character comes a hard way from love and carelessness to execution, he turns from a boy into a man. This is an extremely interesing job for me because “Embezzlers” combines musical and dramatic aspects.

- Do you relate to this character?

- I understand him. Just like me, Vanechka came to Moscow from province. That’s why I perfectly understand how hard it is not to see your loved ones for a long time, how much you miss them, especially in the hard times. I understand his innocence and ability to enjoy the simplest things: the first warm Spring days, for example. All of these matches helped me when I was working on this character.

- What is closer to you now – musicals or films?

- I definitely want to do musical theatre now. This is where I am striving to be a professional. But I am not going to neglect movies. Because these are completely different types of acting. I like movies and theatre in different ways and I know I can express myself more if I combine working in films with acting in musicals. That is why I hope the directors and producers that come to see “Embezzlers” will notice the young actors our show is full of and will invite us to their new projects.