Artem Lyskov

Celebrity guest on TV

Mr. Lyskov has been invited as a celebrity guest on prominent television programs, which discuss his work, including: “How Russian Musicals Work” (MIR Channel, approximately 128 million viewers), “The Magic of Theater” (TV Center “TVC,” approximately 103 million viewers), “Comedy Club,” which is Russia’s version of Saturday Night Live (TNT Channel, approximately 54 million viewers), “Comedy Women” (TNT Channel, approximately 54 million viewers), “Let Them Talk” (Channel 1, approximately 250 million viewers), “Friday News” (Friday Channel, approximately 38 million viewers), “Show in the Air” (STS “CTC” Channel, approximately 10 million viewers), “A Hundred to One” (Russia 1 TV, approximately 117 million viewers), and many more.

See this page for a selection of Mr. Lyskov’s celebrity appearances in major media. As a guest star on these programs, Mr. Lyskov’s work is highlighted and discussed to an international audience. The fact that Mr. Lyskov’s work has been written about and featured on major TV networks, special programs relating to musicals and prominent trade and news media, is evidence that his work has been showcased