Artem Lyskov

renowned artist

Artem Lyskov is a renowned performing artist, musical theater actor, director, producer and acting teacher, who has achieved sustained national and international acclaim as a result of his invaluable contributions to the arts.

Mr. Lyskov has performed in front of sold out audiences at the most prestigious musical theater in Russia, Moscow Theater of Musicals, over numerous seasons, as well as on major TV networks, to the delight of millions of viewers.


For instance, Mr. Lyskov has appeared in starring and essential roles in more than 40 theatrical productions, including: "Embezzlers" – Moscow Theater of Musicals, Moscow, Russia; "Life is Beautiful" – Moscow Theater of Musicals, Moscow, Russia; "Ginza Project" – Jelsomino, New York, USA; "Broadway Dance Center Show" – Symphony Space Theater, New York, USA; "The Trouble of a Tender Heart" – Moscow Theater of Musicals, Moscow, Russia; "Letters from the Front" – N. Sac State Theatre, Moscow, Russia; "At the Table in a Favorite Cafe" – Folk Theater, Moscow, Russia; "The Three Penny Opera" – Lee Strasberg Theatre, New York, USA; "An Epic Theatre" – Lee Strasberg Theatre, New York, USA; "The True Miracle" – Lotus Theater, Moscow, Russia; and "Frederick Boulevard or Offenses" – Vahtangov Theatre, Moscow, Russia; among many others.

Further, Mr. Lyskov has also performed in more than 30 TV programs, series, shows, films and documentaries, showcased on the following major networks in Russia: TNT (approximately 54 million viewers), STS “CTC” (approximately 10 million viewers), NTV (approximately 56 million viewers), Russia 1 TV (approximately 117 million viewers) and Channel 1 Russia (approximately 250 million viewers), among others.


In light of Mr. Lyskov’s outstanding performances in more than 70 productions for prominent theaters, TV networks and institutions internationally, he has been interviewed, and his work as an performing artist and musical theater artist has been written about in major trade and news publications, and other major media, such as MK Newspaper (circulation: 1.9 million+), Center+ Newspaper (circulation: 1.4 million+), Teleprogram Newspaper (circulation: 1.1 million+), Teleprogram Journal (circulation: 1 million+), Cosmopolitan Magazine (circulation: 800,000+), Telek Newspaper (circulation: 730,000+), Star Hit Magazine (circulation: 500,000+), Paparazzi Magazine (circulation: 440,000+) and Metro Magazine (circulation: 500,000+), among many others.


Further, Mr. Lyskov has been invited as a celebrity guest on prominent television programs that discuss his work in the performing arts and musical theater, including: “How Russian Musicals Work” (MIR Channel, approximately 128 million viewers), “The Magic of Theater” (TV Center “TVC,” approximately 103 million viewers), “Comedy Women” (TNT Channel, approximately 54 million viewers), “Let Them Talk” (Channel 1, approximately 250 million viewers), “Friday News” (Friday Channel, approximately 38 million viewers), “Show in the Air” (STS “CTC” Channel, approximately 10 million viewers), “A Hundred to One” (Russia 1, approximately 117 million viewers), and many more.

Additionally, he has also been invited as a Guest of Honor by the Moscow International Film Festival and the Musicbox Awards (akin to MTV’s Music Awards), as well as other prominent industry events. He has also been invited to Host the Musicbox Awards, and has been invited as a guest star on “Comedy Club", which is Russia’s version of Saturday Night Live,broadcast on TNT (Russia), which reaches approximately 54 million viewers.


Additionally, Mr. Lyskov has been integral to establishing “musical theater” as a genre in Russia through his countless performances and media appearances, as well as the routine news, media and trade recognition that he and his work receive. He not only stars in musical theater performances at Moscow Theater of Musicals and other distinguished performing arts venues, but he has also been integral to the musical theater program at Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (part of the renowned Vakhtangov Theatre), which is the most prestigious performing arts and theater academy in Russia. As Teacher of Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute’s Department of Acting for the Drama, Theatre and Film program, Mr. Lyskov teaches acting and musical theatre to more than 130 students, further shaping the future of musical theater in Russian culture.

Further, Mr. Lyskov is frequently interviewed in the news and media about what it takes to succeed in musical theater, as well as the future of the genre in Russia.

As a leading performing artist, Mr. Lyskov has been invited as a judge of the work of others in his field. For instance, Mr. Lyskov was a judge for MusicBox Network’s prominent reality entertainment competition, Miss Fashion Russia (2016), which is sponsored by L’Officiel (an internationally renowned art, fashion and entertainment magazine). As an internationally acclaimed performing artist, he was invited to judge the stage presence and acting skills of the contestants of Miss Fashion Russia.

In addition, Mr. Lyskov has been invited as Judge for the “We Are the Future of Russia Competition,” organized by Sakhalin State University, where he evaluated competitors based on their acting and stage performance abilities, based on his expertise in the field.

Mr. Lyskov enjoys widespread support from the theater, television and performing arts industry’s most prominent members, in light of his widespread recognition, record of achievement and invaluable contributions to the field. Peers and experts acknowledge Mr. Lyskov’s expertise as a leading performing and musical theater artist, and the industries most distinguished members endorse this.

In short, the totality of the evidence establishes that Artem Lyskov is one of the small percentage performing artist and musical theater actors who has risen to the top of his field.