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The happiness of an actor. Acting the American way

“MK Boulevard” talked to the popular actor and musical star and now we know:
Who lured him from New York back to Moscow
How many hours a day the popular actor sleeps
What “The Game of Thrones” has to do with all this

Artem Lyskov: “My audition for “The Game of Thrones” lasted over a year”

Being only 29 years old, he teaches at the legendary Shchukin University, acts in musicals, gets parts in movies, and many keep asking him if he would like to return to America where he used to be a star of “The Threepenny Opera”. “MK Boulevard” talked to Artem Lyskov about the lifestyle of a busy man, his audition for “The Game of Thrones” and his opinions about a family.

- Artem, do you ever want to give everything up and return to America? Take some rest or try out for a new project?

- I truly love the Univted States for a part of my life and my best student years are tied to this country. I was as happy being a student in New York as I was happy being one in Moscow. I go to the States a lot: for a holiday, to visit friends or to get some artistic energy for work. At the moment I’ve got some time to spend in America. The musical “Embezzlers” that lasted four years has just ended, I’ve just finished several big movie projects and now I’m considering what I can do with my life. Recently a team of Broadway producers and actors called “Broadway Dreams” has visited Moscow, they were looking for the best musical actors all over the world and I was in top 10. It inspired me so much that I started searching for tickets to New York.

- You were discussed to have auditioned for “The Game of Thrones“.

- Yes, that is true. It was a remote casting that lasted over a year. I made it all the way through starting with picking photos and ending with personal auditions. But I’m not in the new season becauseI failed the audition. (He laughs.) But I don’t take it to heart because it was a great experience! Everything happens for a reason. I take this casting as a rehearsal for something really good.

- You studied in New York, took part in musicals. Why did you come back to Russia?

- New York truly gave me a great theate education (Artem graduated from the Lee Strasberg University - MKB), a unique experience of working on a Broadway stage, I learned a lot and found friends. But at that moment I wanted a big project to apply the knowledge I got in the States. And when I was invited to take part in the new Maxim Leonidov musical “Embezzlers” I agreed immediately and returned to Moscow.

- What made you go to America after the success of “Ranetki”?

- My love for the musical theatre did. I’ve always dreamed of singing, dancing and acting. I realized I had to move on and that realization brought me to America. Right now I’m facing the same situation and I have to make the choice again…

- You must be the youngest teacher at the Shchukin University?

- Yes, I’m a young teacher. At the moment I’m working with the first and third years. We’re doing a musical with the third year students. Initially I was invited to develop musical theatre: I really do know this genre quite well and by working with it everyday I learn how to teach the actors, how to develop their skills.

- Do students take you for a fellow student?

- That’s why you need experience – to stop this from happening! After the American school I got used to addressing people informally and people take it for cronyism here. In class we communicate as teacher and students, but we can be friends outside of class. Students can feel if you are givinig them knowledge or not. This is the foundation for respect. My students know I’m a working actor and I teach them things that are truly important for this job. I think they’ve got a great opportunity to learn all the necessary things. And I am willing to share with them.

- How do you find the time for everything?

- I don’t know, maybe because I love all I’m doing. Movies, theatre, voice acting, teaching, coaching – I find the time for everything. It is no secret that I’m also a prgrammer. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re doing it well.

- Do you have days off?

- I hardly ever do and I don’t need them. Days off give you the chance to take a rest after the routine. My job is so diverse that I take rest by changing activities. It is enough to get a lot of sleep to restore energy, however that is the one thing I haven’t got time for.

- How many hours of sleep do you usually get?

- This question makes me sad! I guess about six hours. I always want to sleep, I love sleeping. I force myself to get up early to do everything in time, but to get up early one needs to go to bed early. A book is the best speeling pill for me.

- Do you see your friends?

- I am glad that my friends are the people I unwittingly see due to work or common interests. Most of them are close to my profession, and the ones who are not simply love it from aside. I’ve got a lot of friends among my colleagues and it’s great that we can always see each other, come up with something together.

- What about girlfriends?

- I do have a girlfriend.

- Do you ever think about starting a family?

- I do. I’m a Cancer and family and home are very important to me. But now is not the right time for it. I’ve got goals I’m striving to achieve right now. And when I become confident, realize my ambitions and achieve my goals it will be the best time to start a family!