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Author: Maria Kiryukhina

"Teachers often compared me with Andrei Mironov and Maxim Averin"

Kazan Moscow saw the musical "Magic story". Directed by participating young actor, who played a major role in the "Ranetki" series, Artem Lyskov. He told the news agency "Tatar-inform" about the role in the musical, popular TV series and plans for the future.

- Tom, this is your first visit to Kazan? How do you like the city?

- Kazan I first. The capital of Tatarstan met us in a dense fog. While the city had only seen from a car window. I knew it was a beautiful city, but that is so beautiful - not expected. I really hope that I will have time to stroll around the Kremlin. According to its development and the internal infrastructure of the city it is very similar to Moscow. All my friends who visited Kazan, warned that it is necessary to bring your camera.

- In Kazan you come from a musical "Magic story". Please tell us more about this project.

- Two years ago, was announced the casting for actors and musical theaters to participate in the Broadway School. I was lucky enough to study there. To us came to American educators, actors acting. For example, Sean Martin Hingston - the actor who takes part in many shows on Broadway, he taught us the choreography. Teacher Judy Blazer worked with us a voice vocal technique. It is thanks to this project we met with those who subsequently went to work on the musical "Magic story". This actress and director of the play Elena Kozlova, choreographer Olga Nasyrov, the author of the libretto Svetlana Butovskaya.

The musical "Magic story" entirely based on Broadway hits, it included the best, but, nevertheless, "neizbity" Broadway music. For example, we used a lot of masterpieces by Stephen Schwartz. The main theme is taken from the musical "Pippin."

The story of our play - it's the original story, the libretto was written especially for this production. The musical employs many young actors.

- Do you plan to connect my life with musicals or still remain an actor of dramatic theater?

- In 4 days I'm going to New York. I managed to win a grant for training in the United States. Eighteen months will learn to Broadway School. I'm very interested. Nevertheless, I am still an actor's theater, so working in this capacity I will also continue.

The fact that a musical actor makes it possible to show all their abilities and skills: theatrical skills, vocal and dance abilities. It is difficult and interesting at the same time. Our generation can be called the founders of the musical in Russia, since the genre is only becoming popular in our country.

- Many viewers did you become known thanks to the series "Ranetki". Please tell us about your participation in this project.

- It all started very quietly. Nobody thought that this would happen "boom". I originally signed on for 20 episodes. All participants of the film-making process have been assured that this will be a limited-edition film. But the first series gave such a response, it was decided to continue shooting.

It is believed that the show is not very good acting. About the "rennet" I can say unequivocally: over the fact that I was working on this project I am not ashamed. Firstly, because I played a hundred percent, I do not allow myself to "moonlight" on the site.

My character is like me, but in general we are different people with him. At first I had a small role. But as the script began to build upon in parallel with the shooting, my hero began to attach more and more importance. Then I myself something invented for the script.

- Artem, a "dream role" do you have?

- What a highlight specific role is difficult. But here, for example, I'd like to play a negative role, and I only say positive. Probably because of the age and appearance. I think that in the future I will play and some villain.

While still in college, we put on a performance product Saltykov-Shchedrin "Golovlevs". In the 19 years I have played the role of Judas, to whom the book was 57 years old. I have a gut feeling that a "Golovlevs" I will definitely come back, I will still play a little Judas. This is a deep and very interesting role.

- And in the movie he loved to go?

- Very. Of the latter film, which shocked me, I can select "Start" and "Shutter Island" with Leonardo Di Caprio. This is not to say that DiCaprio is my favorite actor, not at all. Just these films "hooked" me.

- And then who's your favorite actor?

- This is a difficult question. I do not know.

- Then, there can be an actor, to whom would you like to be?

- We have always been taught to be on anybody not similar, the individual. Teachers often compared me with Andrei Mironov. The fact that some of the teachers who once taught him, taught me right now. With Maxim Averin also compared. All of them are great actors. And God forbid that I ever played as they are. But be they do not want to copy. Indeed, such has been there. You have to be yourself.

- You dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood?

- I finished the physico-mathematical school and was going to become a programmer. But in high school, was very fond of the theater, I began to frequently go there as a spectator. But being an actor I did not like. Then he accidentally fell into the drama studio. And at some point decided, I will act in a theatrical institution. My parents gave me a choice, did not object. I appreciate your profession and respect. I am convinced that everything in life happens for a reason, I believe in fate. When I became an actor, so this is my way. When you want something, I am sure that you will achieve. It's just a matter of time.