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Author: Maria Kuzmina

Artem Lyskov:
“Sooner or later everything ends”

Today “Celebrities” is talking to the famous actor who became famous thanks to his multiple roles in movies, theatre and on television.

- Recently it has been announced that the musical ”Embezzlers” where you play a part is running its last season. Will it be hard to say goodbye to the project? Will you miss your character?

- Sooner or later everything ends, it’s inevitable. But then a new era always starts. Of course me and the whole team are going to miss this show. Another reason “Embezzlers” is so unique is the fact that it was created by the Russian people: when it’s so dear to you it’s hard to say goodbye. We put a piece of ourselves into every character and I was the one to create Vanechka the way you all see him, I was developing him at rehearsals: down to a turn of his head. Theatre shows have very short lives. Especially musicals, they are not repertory shows, they replace each other and to be honest we were all ready for it. Now is the perfect time to end this project: it’s at its best, it looks good, there is full house everytime. I’m glad this musical was in my life and I believe something new will replace it for me.

- What do musicals mean to you and can you remember your first experience in this genre, your first time on stage?

- Musical is my favorite genre. I was always unconsciously drawn to it but I didn’t even know such a word at first. I remember watching musical performances with great interest, seeing the actors perform, sing and dance and wanting to do the same. When I got the chance I went to the States to study this genre from its founders. I graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York where we were taught by the current Broadway actors. It was in the USA that I got my first experience working in a real musical when I joined the cast of “The Threepenny Opera” by Kurt Weill at the Marilyn Monroe Theatre. I had played in musical shows in Moscow but never in real musicals.

- There are more and more musicals running in Moscow, which one would you do? And which musical from the ones running in Moscow is your favorite one?

- From the musicals running in Moscow at the moment my favorite one is “Singing in the rain”. It’s a classic! The real old Broadway music I love. And of course I would like to work in a classical American musical of the 30-s with a lot of symphojazz. At Shchuka I’m doing “Cabaret” with my students at the moment and I feel its potential is not fully opened yet. And I really want to do my own version of this musical. Maybe even not the standard one everyone is used to. I’ve got the urge to look for new forms.

- This Autumn was full of premieres with you in them, which project were you waiting for with greater interest?

- I was eagerly waiting for the show “Betrayals”, it didn’t get its high ratings for nothing. The project is truly interesting and it deserves the audience’s attention. For me, as an actor, it feels good to know I was a part of it. STS is starting the show called “How I became Russian” on November 7, it’s about an American’s life in Russia. For me as a person who lives in the USA it’s very easy to relate to this story. It is always interesting to see how people face the mentality and habits of another country’s residents. But more than anything I’m waiting for the next year’s premiere of TNT’s “Sveta from the other world”.

- Do you watch the movies/TV-shows you’re in?

- Yes, I always do, and I consider this a part of my job. It’s the only way to see the actual result. When you get the script you make a mental picture, when you’re at the filming, the picture changes, and the result you see on screen is a completely different thing. It is useful in terms of self-education and it’s interesting. I watch the movies not only as a viewer, but also as an actor who works on his mistakes.

- Where else can the viewers see you?

- First of all in the Moscow Musical Theatre where we’ll be having some of the last performances of “Embezzlers” on November 6, 7 and 8, so I’m inviting everyone! The theatre also keeps showing the musical revue “Life is beautiful” and I also play there. Besides the movies I mentioned I’m waiting for the premieres of “Elder sister” on Channel One and “Beekeper“ on NTV. I’ve also recently started online broadcasts in the new social network “Periscope”, find me at @artemlyskov. You can see me there very often: I do live broadcasts from the backstage and film sets, I talk about theatre and castings. I reveal a lot of professional secrets. So come in, I’ll be waiting!