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Premiere on STS!
“How I became Russian” with
Artem Lyskov

A new long-awaited promising TV-show “How I became Russian” has started on Channel STS on November 2. One of the parts in the project is played by the popular actor Artem Lyskov who also starred in a recent hit show “Betrayals”.

But Artem wasn’t present at the premiere of the show so he had to watch the first episode online. At the moment the actor is in the USA and he practically mirrors the life of the main character from “How I became Russian” (Mateusz Damiecki). The show tells the story of an American who came to Russia to live and work there, and in Lyskov’s case it was vice versa: he is a Russian who came to the US to work and study. A separate movie can be made about the adventures of a Russian guy in New York.

- I lived in New York for two years: I was studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute and acting on Broadway. I know very well how Americans see some of the Russian traditions and features. A lot of the things seem wild, strange and funny to them. This is what the show is about – says Artem.

“How I became Russian” is a comedy series that’s been airing on STS since November 2. It was created by an international team: the main character is played by a Polish actor Mateusz Damiecki, several other Polish actors are involved, there are actors from the US and cameramen from Mexico and England. They were united by their knowledge of English, even commands were in English.

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