“Zazhigai!” newspaper
Author: Vera Antonova

Circulation: 250'300 copies

Lyskov became a lady!

The star of TV and musical theatre Artem Lyskov surprised his fans when he posted a photo of himself in a female role. Friends and fans didn’t even recognize the actor at first, they decided it was a selfie of one of his friends.

But when they took a closer look they were astonished – it was Artem! In a dress, with an elegant manicure and fake eyelashes. It soon turned out the actor was going to appear in this role in one of the new TNT projects.

“Well, let’s get acquainted! The first day of filming of the new comedy. And I’m in disguise on the very first day. I love my job! Where else can you fool around and get paid for it?!”

– Lyskov commented on his photo. When we asked about the name and the core of the project he had such a makeover for Artem replied:

“I can’t give you any details yet. But I can promise the project will be very interesting. It will be clear pretty soon. As soon as possible!”