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Anketa in
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The star of “Ranetki”, the kind and funny guy, answered the MK questions.

- What should be written about you in the “Who is who” encyclopedia?

- Theatre, film and musical theatre actor. This is my main occupation right now.

- When was the last time you did something with your own hands?

- I cook a lot. Recently I’ve made shorts out of my old jeans “with my own hands”! (He laughs)

- Do you remember how you spent your first earnings?

- The first time I earned money I was 14. I bought a synthesizer and a microphone. My first salary in movies I spent on a trip to London.

- What is it you find yourself short of money for today?

- At the moment I live in New York, the city of entertainment and opportunities. There are so many temptations here! I also want to go see Broadway musicals every day, the tickets cost from 70 to 200 dollars. But I have tohold back because I only study here and don’t make any money.

- What book impressed you the most as a child?

- The book about Old Hottabych. I gladly read it several times and didn’t return it to the library, which was why they expelled me.

- What movie would you recommend to your friends?

- I like “The curious case of Benjamin Button”. It’s one of the few movies that really impressed me.

- Which Russian singer’s concert would you attend for your own money?

- Sergei Lazarev is one of the few singers who come up with original things. I would love to go to Teona Dolnikova’s concert. I am her fan, I love how she lives through the music!

- What is the best song about love?

- I really like the love songs from our old films. They are so sincere! Generally, those who know the feeling write the best songs about love.

- Where did you go on your first trip abroad?

- I was abroad for the first time in 1997 when I was 10. My parents and me went to Turkey. It was my first flight experience and the first country with another language. It was very interesting!

- Do you use mini bars in hotels?

- When I was little I always wanted to grab a fizzy drink or a chocolate from them, but my parents wouldn’t let me because it was expensive. Now I don’t drink fizzy drinks and I’m not crazy about chocolates anymore, so I don’t get anything from mini bars.

- Have you ever taken an economy-class train carriage?

- When I started studying at the Shchukin University I used to get home to Vologda in those carriages all the time.

- Are you scared of the underground?

- There is a lot of traffic in Moscow and I often park my car at the underground entrance and use the metro instead. I travel by subway in New York too.

- What makes you proud in your apartment?

- I didn’t have much money to buy furniture and I managed to buy some cheap but very pretty and qualitative things.

- Is vodka the national pride of our country?

- Americans seem to think so. The first word they say when you tell them you are Russian is “vodka”!!! I don’t feel any pride in this because I don’t drink.

- Have you ever broken the law?

- Only the speed limit one! It happened a lot, especially after rehearsals when I wanted to get home as soon as possible. But the speed was still within the normal frame.

- What wish would you make to the Goldfish?

- I would ask it to grant me health! If you’re healthy you can achieve anything in career and private life, you can be happy and do what you love doing.

«MK Boulevard» magazine – Anketa in “MK Boulevard”